Diario de la Marina editions available online from University of Florida library

It might not be as voluminous the New York Public Library's collection of Cuban newspapers dating back to the 1800s, but it is available online.

The University of Florida — my alma mater — has in its Digital Library of the Caribbean editions of Havana’s Diario de la Marina newspaper. Although the complete collection isn’t available online, anyone can access editions from September 1899 to December 1909, January and February of 1947, and from December 1954 to May 1960.

It’s a nifty research tool for anybody interested in Cuba’s history but who can’t just hop a cab or subway to midtown Manhattan. 

The online collection, of course, includes the final two months of the historic 1946-47 Cuban League season, but unfortunately stops on Feb. 22. The thrilling three-game series between Habana and Almendares took place Feb. 23-25.


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